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Collection: Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Healing is work within the energy and psychic space. We see with our physical eyes closed. The intuitive reading aspect uses intuition and the psychic muscle (third eye) to recognize information, identify blockages and shift energies where needed.

We work on raising the vibration to heal ourselves and in turn those around us. You can ask specific questions or simply ask for a healing where you need it the most today. There might be immediate answers or they may follow within a few weeks.

Everyone has this reading capability, it is merely about spending time learning how to and exercise that muscle. 

I look forward to seeing you.

Jenny is certified by Kathryn Schiff at The Den Meditation in California, USA. 



- Intuitive healing in studio

- Intuitive healing online


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I am not a professional healthcare provider. I advise you to seek professional healthcare help with all your physical, mental and emotional concerns.

Wherever you go...

The beauty with meditation and healing techniques is that you can do this wherever and whenever.

Photo from when I was enjoying the magic energy and vast views of the Grand Canyon in Sedona December 2023.