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Collection: Soft Stretch & Meditation

Join us for a 45 min Soft Stretch & Meditation. This is a class for everyone, including beginners. The Soft Stretch is slow to stretch and wake up your body and mind. We use yoga techniques.

Meditation is an ancient practice dating back thousands of years. This practice is still used on a daily basis because it has fantastic benefits for brain health and overall well-being. Research has proven how meditation helps people and why it works. We know that with a daily meditation practice we get improved:

- Focus
- Sleep
- Immune system
- Breathing
- Blood pressure
- Communication skills
- Decision making
- Perspective when hit with challenges
- ...and so much more.

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Why does meditation work?

Thanks to advances in technology, researchers and healthcare providers can see how meditation affects your brain. However, to understand some of these changes, it helps to know a little about brain structure.

In your brain, you have billions of neurons, which are cells that use electrical and chemical signals to send signals to each other. One neuron connects to thousands of others, which is how your neurons form networks across different parts of your brain. Those networks form different areas of your brain, which have different jobs and specialties.

Multiple research studies have found that people who meditate regularly have certain differences in their brain structure. Those changes usually involve brain tissue that’s denser or certain areas of the brain that are larger than expected, which is a sign that the neurons there have more connections to each other and the connections are stronger.

The affected areas of the brain are usually those that manage or control your senses (vision, hearing, etc.), your ability to think and concentrate, and your ability to process emotions. That means the brains of people who meditate regularly are healthier and less likely to show age-related loss of function. They also have a stronger ability to deal with and process negative emotions like fear, anger and grief.

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I am not a professional healthcare provider. I advise you to seek professional healthcare help with all your physical, mental and emotional concerns.

Wherever you go...

The beauty with meditation and healing techniques is that you can do this wherever and whenever.

Photo from when I was enjoying the magic energy and vast views of the Grand Canyon in Sedona December 2023.