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Sister Circle, Spring 2024 

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During five occasions this spring, we will together create a deepened and meaningful experience of being human. A safe place for rest, recovery, community and growing. In ourselves - together with others. Each event contains elements of yoga/movement, meditation, sound healing & reiki and we will share techniques that you can easily implement in your everyday life. We offer time for reflection, writing and sharing.

Together we create a loving community that nourishes both body and soul. Come and be part of a healing journey where we collectively support each other in embracing life's fragility, beauty and potential.

This circle is for you who want to find new ways forward, make deeper connections with yourself and with others, and get your power and energy back.

Time and place:
3/2 (Sat 18-20:30), Ester Adele Södermalm
8/3 (Fri 18-20:30), Ester Adele Södermalm
13/4 (Sat 18-20:30), Ester Adele Södermalm
5/5 (Sun 18-20:30), Ester Adele Södermalm
2/6 (Sun 9:30-12), Ester Adele Södermalm

Limited number of seats.

Investment SEK 2,775 including VAT

We who guide this circle:

Christina Svärdström is a certified Masters of Wisdom & Meditation Advanced Teacher as well as a registered yoga teacher. In addition to that, she also works as a touring sound engineer, is a mother of two teenage boys, a musician, a cat mother and has an insatiable desire to learn and develop further.

Using knowledge from ancient wisdom mixed with modern research, intuitive insights and the challenges of today's modern life, her teaching resonates with many.

"By peeling away the superficial layers of identification, we realize that we are actually quite similar. We need to face ourselves in silence to discover who we really are. But some days, we just need a good soundtrack."


Jenny Berglund Castro is certified in Meditation, Reiki, Intuitive Healing and Mindfulness. Jenny leads classes at Yasuragi, Ester Adele and YogaMana in Stockholm. As an entrepreneur, she enjoys developing new creative projects and working with people from different backgrounds to create value. After 25 years in the business world (9 years in New York and 6 years in Los Angeles, the rest in Stockholm), she and her family have now landed in their hometown of Stockholm.

"Jenny is a gifted meditation teacher as well as a wonderful reiki practitioner.  She facilitates calm and peace when I work with her and I find her commitment to her path and work admirable.  I have known Jenny for many years, in other professional endeavors and know her to be passionate, focused and present."  Carol, Owner Photography Agency, Los Angeles

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Wherever you go...

The beauty with meditation and healing techniques is that you can do this wherever and whenever.

Photo from when I was enjoying the magic energy and vast views of the Grand Canyon in Sedona December 2023.