About Me

After 9 years in New York City and 6 years in Los Angeles, I now live in Stockholm, Sweden - my hometown. I have come across many modalities within the world of wellness and healing and I use yoga philosophy and practice, intuitive energy work and the healing arts in my daily life.


I am currently working with different companies and in yoga studios to teach meditation, yoga, breathwork, reiki and other healing modalities. 


My aim is to inspire you to find you own power to heal, your innate wisdom and guide you to connect to your intuition and higher self. I will give you tools to ease the chatter in your mind, to heal, regain your focus and to find clarity and new directions.


I offer group- and one-on-one sessions, both in person and online. I speak English and Swedish fluently.


I am a certified Masters of Wisdom and Meditation teacher, Reiki Master teacher, Intuitive Healing practitioner and Mindfulness guide. I'm also a mother of two, a freelancing entrepreneur and Co-Creator / Co-Host of ‘Syns inte finns inte?’, a Swedish podcast. I like being busy but know how important it is for me to balance busy with resting.


I am not a professional healthcare provider and I advise you to seek professional healthcare in your journey back to health. My certifications are listed below.




Certifications & Education


The Power of Awareness (Mindfulness)


University of California, Berkeley Greater Good Science Center and the Awareness Training Institute

Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield


Masters of Wisdom and Meditation Teacher

285 hour teaching

davidji, California, USA, Fall 2021



Intuitive Healing Arts

Basic & Advanced

The Den Meditation & School of Intuitive Greater Healing / SIGH, California, USA, Spring 2020

Kathryn Schiff


Reiki Master Practitioner 

Level 1-3

The Den Meditation, California, USA, Fall 2019

Jamie Wozny


Reiki Master Teacher

Level 4

The Sacred Mystery School, California, USA, Spring 2024

Allison Perks


Breathwork, Yoga, Sound Healing & misc. Alternative Methods