Customer love

I am so grateful for the customer love I have received over the years. People from many different backgrounds and with their own unique paths in life. Thank you all for quieting, healing and growing with me. Some of the corporations I have worked with in company meditation over the years are WeWork, H&M, Food Pharmacy, T5, YOUBE and 7A. Together we rise... Thank you, Jenny


“Jenny is a wonderful meditation teacher and reiki healer. Her soothing voice and warm presence is very relaxing and helps you disconnect from the noise of the outside world. After her meditations I always feel very refreshed and relaxed and ready to handle whatever life throws at me with more ease. Thank you Jenny for helping me become a happier, calmer and more positive person. I would recommend Jenny’s classes to everyone!” 

Josefine, Consular Officer, Los Angeles


"One of the best decisions I have ever made! This is my first review, and I can't think of anything more worthy than the Find Rhythm class I took online. I have so much stress and anxiety in my day-to-day that it was immensely helpful to learn something so effortless to give me relief.

My instructor, Jenny, was so incredible and informative. It allowed me to instantly relax and slip into my Reiki session. She is highly trained and very gracious. I certainly plan on following up with additional meditations and other courses. I am determined to have everyone I know incorporate these sessions into their lives to keep them grounded. Thank you Find Rhythm!"

Ivan, VP Creative Services & Brand Management, New York


Jenny exudes warmth, kindness and authenticity. Her gentle nature is a reflection of her teaching style that guides students into a deeper dimension of themselves. She cares deeply about her students healing process and holds space for them to show up authentically without judgement.”

Jennifer, Managing Director & Yoga Teacher, Los Angeles


"Jenny is a gifted meditation teacher as well as a wonderful reiki practitioner.  She facilitates calm and peace when I work with her and I find her commitment to her path and work admirable.  I have known Jenny for many years, in other professional endeavors and know her to be passionate, focused and present."  

Carol, Owner Photography Agency, Los Angeles


"I have had the honor of receiving readings from Jenny and I have joined classes where she has offered Reiki healing and guided meditations. Jenny is just the best. She radiates a caring, calming presence and the messages I have received from her have been accurate and very helpful. I’ve left her guided healing meditations feeling refreshed and peaceful. I highly recommend her and I know that you’ll love working with her too!"

Allison, Psychotherapist, Los Angeles


"I've known Jenny  for years and I've always welcomed and appreciated her guidance. She always approaches her craft with grace, empathy and precision.  She's intuitive and compassionate and allows you to explore the art of meditation on your terms but with her expert guidance. From beginners to long time practitioners of meditation, Jenny is such a wonderful person to guide you on your journey."

Kaleo, Consultant Luxury Marketing Management, Paris